Scottish Red Deer

Traditional Free Ranging Scottish Hill Stag Huntreddeerimage01

Scottish Hill Stag Season for Red Stag - 1st July - 20th October

Optimum time - last 5 weeks of the season which includes the rut

This is a chance for the hunter to sample a unique way of hunting for the free ranging Red Stag. As this is a traditional hill stag hunt the method has changed very little in many years. The main change is that most hunting estates now use eight-wheel-drive ATV vehicles instead of ponies to bring the day's trophies off the mountain at the end of the day.



A typical day for the hunter would begin at about 8 a.m. with breakfast, leaving for the hunting area at about 9.30 a.m. The 2 hunters with their guide, would glass the hills and valleys looking for a good representative of the breed, which would be a mature stag, hopefully 8 points or more and ready for harvesting. Once the stag has been spotted the stalk would begin, but this could take many hours to get into shooting distance - usually 100-150 yards.

When the shot has been taken and all the formalities taken care of, the hunter and guide with the stag will return to the lodge with the aid of the ATV, usually at around 4.30 p.m.



After a hot bath and a relaxing drink to ease off tired muscles, the guests get together for cocktails at around 7 p.m. followed by dinner, coffee in the lounge and maybe a few 'drams' whilst everyone discusses the day's hunting and what adventures lie ahead for the next day.

Mike is always on hand not only to make your Scottish safari a memorable hunting experience but to make the trip a memorable holiday for his non-hunting guests.






Unlike a lot of hunting destinations around the world where a non-hunter has little or nothing to do, Mike McCrave's Scottish hunting offers the opposite - superb hunting for the hunters and Scottish hospitality for the non-hunters. We have a car and driver available whose sole purpose is to look after the non-hunting guests and help to make it a memorable trip for them.

For the non-hunters the day would start at about 8.00 a.m. with breakfast. When the hunters have left for the day, which would be about 9.30 a.m. the non-hunters with their driver, would start hunting amongst Scotland’s finest shopping malls for the best woollen and cashmere garments in the world and fine crystal. There are centuries of history and castles to explore, and the magic and myths of the rugged, spectacular Scottish countryside to see.



The touring side of your day would finish at about 4.30 p.m. when you return to the hunting lodge to be greeted by a warm welcoming fire and your hunting partner, when you can tell about the trophies that you hunted that day.

The day would be rounded off with cocktails at around 7 p.m., then dinner, with coffee following in the lounge by the log fire, and thinking about the next day's adventures.

Mike's aim is not only to make your Scottish safari a memorable hunting experience but to make the trip a memorable holiday for his non-hunting guests.



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